Gerstengrassaft wie Schokolade selbstgemacht zum gesunden Frühstück


Contains All The Ingredients For A Healthy Body and Mind

1. Barley Grass extract

Organisch Barley Grass powder, (a powerful 10:1 extract of young barley leaves and the main ingredient of Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex), is the most alkaline food that we know. It neutralises excess acid in the body, so it can be eliminated through the kidneys, restoring a healthy acid/alkaline balance and maintaining a neutral pH-value.

Barley Grass is a unique food source. It is harvested when it is only 8-10 inches high. It contains more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti-oxidants per gram than any other food source. Besides restoring the acid/alkaline balance of the body Barley Grass eliminates all deficiencies caused by bad eating habits and a poor diet. Barley Grass contains:

  • 260 x the vitamin A of leafy vegetables
  • 8 x the vitamin C of oranges
  • 128 x the folic acid of tomatoes
  • 16 x the protein of milk
  • 11 x the calcium of milk
  • 37 x the calcium of whole grains
  • 5 x the natural iron of spinach
  • 42 x the vitamin B6 of bananas

Just SuperGreens...

Barley Grass consists of 45% light weight protein, 90% of which is absorbed by the body and contains more Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids than any other vegetable food source.

Barley Grass promotes a healthy bowel function. The high quantity of Chlorophyll it contains cleanses the bowels of undigested protein and other waste products. Barley Grass is an excellent food source for the intestinal flora that helps us digest our food.

The Chlorophyll in Barley Grass promotes the formation of blood cells in the body. When iron or chlorophyll is taken separately it has a very limited effect in fighting anaemia, because other minerals (like natural copper) are needed to enable these substances to produce haemoglobin. A deficiency in natural iron or copper can easily result in anaemia, specially among women. All necessary minerals for producing haemoglobin are present in Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex.

Barley Grass helps restore the intestinal flora after it has been damaged by the use of penicillin or other antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs. It also prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, yeast and fungal infections.

Barley Grass possesses great cleansing powers. It is especially effective in detoxifying the liver, kidneys and digestive tract. It improves the digestion of food, the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste products.

The enzymes in Barley Grass protect the body against free radicals and promote the formation of new cells. Especially the rare enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) plays an important role in this process. Barley Grass also contains a large amount of polypeptides (short-chain amino acids) which are indispensable as building blocks for new cells.

Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex contains over 4000 mg of 10:1 Barley Grass powder per daily portion. That is far more than all the other Greens products.

The amount of Barley Grass in Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex is not the only reason why it is such a superior product. Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex contains a number of other ingredients that support the alkalising and cleansing qualities of Barley Grass and contribute to a healthy body, a well functioning immune system and help fight and even reverse the ageing process.


2. Fruits & GreensT

Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex contains the unique, patented Fruits & Greens formula. This 100:1 formula is a highly concentrated extract of 27 different fruits, vegetables and grains. Fruits & Greens contains as many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients per gram as 100 gram of fresh fruit and vegetables! It supports the alkalising and rejuvenating qualities of Barley Grass and provides the body with many additional nutrients and anti-oxidants from fruit and vegetables. The ingredients of Fruits & Greens work in synergy and are far more effective than the single components added to many other Greens.


3. Spirulina and chlorella

Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex contains high quantities of spirulina and chlorella. These microscopic algae have gone a little out of fashion over the last years, which is wholly undeserved. Like Barley Grass they contain large quantities of chlorophyll (energy from sunlight), and nutrients that are important for the body, like amino acids, vitamin B-12 and organic iron. Chlorella is also a very effective detoxifier Because of environmental pollution and the use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides, toxins collect in our bodies and are deposited in muscle and fatty tissue. Because of its cracked cell structure chlorella has the unique property to bind and eliminate these toxins from the body and cleanse the bloodstream, tissue and organs.


4. Enzyme complex

Enzymes are indispensable for our digestion. They split proteins, fats and carbohydrates and convert them into nutrients that the body can absorb. Enzymes like L-Glutathion are very effective anti-oxidants that prevent damage to the body by attacking and eliminating free radicals.

The enzyme complex in Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex ensures that your metabolism and digestion can regain their proper function if they have been impaired by too much acidity, so the body can absorb more vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. The enzyme complex in Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex also improves the absorption and effectiveness of all other supplements we use.

5. Combined soluble and non-soluble fibre complex.

One of the problems with our modern diet is that after our food has been refined and processed, it contains hardly any fibres. The food industry provides us with convenience foods and snacks that don't do much more than eliminate feelings of hunger. These convenience foods contain hardly any real nutrition and are in no relation to the healthy, fibre-rich foods people ate 50 years ago.

The lack of sufficient fibres in our foods results in a disrupted bowel function. As a result partly digested food remains behind in the intestines. This serves as a food source for harmful bacteria, yeast or fungi growth. Candida, which is a form of yeast we all carry our lower intestines, does no harm as long as we eat a balanced diet. If it becomes pathogenic because of a disturbed intestinal flora, it can cause very serious health problems throughout the body. Food waste that remains in the intestines for too long can also cause inflammation and intestinal tumours.

The combined soluble and non-soluble fibre complex in Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex promotes the healthy functioning of the intestines, helps keep the bowels clean and prevents the formation of harmful yeast growth and fungi.

6. LactosporeT

Our intestinal tract contains beneficial as well as harmful bacteria. The beneficial bacteria help us digest our food. As long as they are in the the majority your bowels are doing fine. But a one-sided diet, slightly spoiled or contaminated food and chronic acidity allows harmful bacteria to grow and cause intestinal problems, yeast infections, acute food poisoning and other health problems. To maintain a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria we often use lactobacillus cultures in the form of capsules or as an addition to functional foods like yogurts or Yakult. The problem with these supplements is that many have a very poor track record in surviving the acidity of a hostile stomach environment and have little or no effect after arriving in the intestines. The lactobacillus cultures you buy at the pharmacy or health food store often have already expired on the shelf, because they need to be stored in a refrigerated and dark place in order to spring to life in the intestines.

Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex contains a so-called LactosporeT culture that is capable of surviving hostile stomach acid. This is because it is not a full-grown culture, but a lactospore. Their naturally micro-encapsulated form protects them during their voyage through the stomach. In the intestines they develop into a full-blown lactobacillus culture. Once activated this culture attacks and eliminates harmful bacteria, improves the bowel function, fights diarrhoea and food poisoning, repairs the intestinal flora after the use of antibiotics or other pharmaceutical drugs and helps restore a healthy pH-value of the intestines.

7. Policosanol

The policosanol in Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex is a complex of fatty alcohols made from the wax of honey bees. It is very effective in lowering cholesterol levels by blocking the production of cholesterol in the liver. Clinical studies in which almost 30.000 people took part showed that daily use of Policosanol resulted in a measurable improvement of cholesterol levels within 6 to 8 weeks.

After 6 months daily doses of 15 mg Policosanol resulted in a lowering of the LDL-cholesterol of 20- 25%. In patients who received 30 mg the LDL-cholesterol levels where lowered by as much as 25-30%. The HDL-cholesterol levels (the good cholesterol) increased over the same period by an average of 14%. The Policosanol in Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex is a very important nutrient for maintaining a healthy cholesterol level and cardiovascular health.

8. Green tea extract

Green tea is one of the most underrated beverages. Modern research has confirmed what the Chinese already knew thousands of years ago: Green Tea possesses a great number of preventive and healing qualities:

  • it plays an active role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease;
  • it helps to lower cholesterol levels;
  • it helps maintain a healthy blood pressure;
  • it protects against ageing of the brain;
  • it lowers the triglycideride count in the blood;
  • it strengthens the immune system;
  • it has anti carcinogenic qualities and protects against tumours;
  • it helps maintain a healthy prostate;
  • it contains very powerful anti-oxidants;
  • it helps prevent tooth decay;

Green tea contains many vitamins and minerals, but the most active substance in green tea are the polyphenols, especially a polyphenol called EGCG (epigallocathegin gallate). These polyphenols are very effective free radical scavengers and give green tea its antioxidant powers. Green tea also protects against bacteria that cause placque and tooth decay.

Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex and your diet

Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex makes a success of any diet. It provides the body with all the necessary nutrients, preventing any short-term deficiencies caused by the diet. It optimises your metabolism, bowel function and digestion, making your diet more effective so you can lose weight faster.

Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex contains high-quality, easily digestible proteins. One daily portion contains only 41 calories,1.5 gm of fat and 6.5 gm of carbohydrates, so it will not interfere with weight loss. Because of its low carbohydrate content Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex is especially well suited as an addition to any lowcarb diet.

Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex also prevents constipation and guarantees a normal bowel function, which can get severely disrupted when you follow a lowcarb diet.

Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex is a must for sports people who use protein supplements

Many sports people who want to achieve quick weight and muscle gain use supplements that contain large quantities of protein, like Whey Protein Concentrate or Meal Replacement Formulas. These supplements are highly acid-forming. Extensive use of these supplements will invariably result in high levels of acid in the body and a disturbed acid/alkaline balance. The Barley Grass in Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex is the ideal supplement to alleviate this problem and restore a neutral pH-balance in the body. Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex is an essential addition to any exercise or weight gain program that includes taking protein supplements.

Using Supergreens Wheat and Barley Grass complex will immediately result in more energy and stamina and less acidification of the muscles during heavy workouts.

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